Friday, July 16, 2010

The cats meow

I always find it fascinating wearing leopard print...everyone has an opinion, it's either loved or loathed.

Personally I adore it and no doubt always will.

I'm actually wearing this dress backwards, it wasn't until I got to work that I realised the keyhole was a bit lower than I first thought! I quite like reversing garments, I like the silhouette it creates and I seem to be obsessed with back detail at the moment.

Your thoughts....?

Dress : Thrifted
Belt : Thrifted
Bag : Thrifted
Shoes : Warehouse

P.s Thank you for all your comments, I really appreciate them!
I do try and reply to all of them :)



  1. i'm still undecided on leopard print.. but i love this look, so maybe i just don't like it on me?

    and i've been dyingggg to wear black tights recently! but 90degree weather is not their friend

  2. Thanks!
    I'm so's around 7C here :(

  3. J, the combo of the leopard with your hair is AMAZING! Backwards, doesn't matter. I totally love this look! You're one of my HYPEED inspirations.

    ♥ V

  4. The first photo is added to my inspirations.. Lovely dress and amazing shoes.. This look is so elegant!


  5. hello kitty cat, you look amaaazing, like to follow your blog.

  6. I also adore leopard. Its looks great in this simple dress (the shoulders are fantastic BTW)!
    xo M

  7. When I was younger I was never fond of leopard print, but now I think its nice to have a few pieces in the wardrobe! Why not.

    I think the outfit looks great on you overall, very chic!

  8. ROAAAAAAAAAR!!! You look HOTTTTTTT!! We are ALL about LEopArD, zebra, spots, african prints..haha!!! Your dress is FANTASTIC!!! Love the shoulders. Your blog is wicked and lovin' your style!!!
    xoxoBeckerman Girls

  9. Love love love the leopard print

  10. I LOVE leaopard print. This dress was a great find, and very crafty flipping it around

  11. oh :o your blog is nice!
    if you like fashion blog, i hope you'll like mine!
    you can find articles about my fashion week in paris :D
    Sixtine <3

  12. Beautiful:))))

  13. Thank You! I love imagining who it could have belonged to before me, who painted the unicorn on there...that's the beauty of second hand clothing! You have a beautiful weekend too! x


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