Friday, March 2, 2012

Candy Cane




Well, being that it is the first "official" day of autumn I guess I should have known the weather would be crap but I didn't expect to have to get my coat out already.

I'm going to try and avoid wearing tights for as long as possible...

I know I probably sound like a grump but the truth is Autumn is my favourite season. I love the colours, layering and yummy textures of autumn / winter fashion.

What's your favourite season?? Why??

Coat : ASOS
Dress : Jacqui E
Necklace : Jacqui E
Wedges : The Warehouse


  1. Gorgeous dress and I love it with the red coat! I'm so with you on the tights front! Hating mine at the moment! xx

  2. I love your coat! I ordered it in pink but it didn't fit :(

  3. Hello awesome red coat! Autumn doesn't really exist here, it's pretty much always hot with maybe 6-8 weeks of coldness in the middle of the year. I can't wait for it to get cold again, I find it kind of difficult to dress for hot weather! Which is silly considering where I live haha. Your dress is really nice, looks great against the fabulous red coat :)

  4. Love your striped dress! So cute!

  5. Autumn is for sure my favourite season, it's the most beautiful and the colours and layers are the best. I have to say I'm getting quite anxious for spring over here though!
    I absolutely love this striped dress and bright red coat together. So good!

  6. I love the stripes! And that red coat is perfect over that dress :)

  7. The red dress is so cute on you.
    I'm in the northern hemisphere, where we are moving into spring.
    So don't tell, but Autumn is still my favorite.

  8. What a gorgeous coat - love the red :)


  9. beautiful outfit! you're sopretty!!
    come by and let's follow each other!

  10. LOve the dress with the red coat! Isnt this weather shithouse? and we are moving house today in it sooooo much fun. Not. haha xx

  11. Oh it feels more like mid-winter here - although Wellington has never been well known for good weather. I love your coat! Looks so lovely on you, I really want to get a new coat this season or maybe two - wearing black all winter is so dull!

  12. Hi Julia! You really have wonderful style!
    I have awarded you with a blog award!
    Check it out on my blog...

  13. Ah yes, the seasons are changing. Do not go gentle into the tights. Rage, rage against the tights. Just kidding. Stay warm. You look cute!

  14. I love RED. And the red coat paired with the colorful stripped dress look amazing. This is a great look. And I am a complete spring summer person. Love the flowers in full bloom and the lush greenery around me <3
    Have a great weekend,
    Amena <3

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  15. Lovely blog.

  16. Love your outfit. You look incredibly darling.

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