Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gone Dotty




You may now think I'm obsessed with polka dots but this is the only other polka dot garment I own at the moment.

It's not my favourite dress, it's more fitting than I usually like but it's incredibly comfortable and doesn't crease at all - perfect for work.

Do you wear things to work that you wouldn't normally wear??

Dress : Jacqui E
Wedges : Hannahs


  1. Another lovely dress, I dont really wear anything to work that I wouldnt wear anywhere else...

  2. Love the polka dot print its a very flattering dress.

  3. That dress looks so lovely on you, I love how it's fitted in all the right places.
    I'm obsessed with polka dots too haha :(

    As for wearing things I wouldn't normally wear to work I definitely do, I find I have to try and look a little bit more put together and can't wear crazy things like I like to wear on the weekends.


  4. I think the dress looks fab! My whole work wardrobe is things I wouldn't usually wear. I'm trying to tailor it more towards my style but it's really hard, officey clothes just aren't for me :(

  5. This is a stunning dress! I bet you can wear it for so many occasions! I just love the color and print!


  6. This dress looks perfect on you! It fits like a glove a fabulous polka dot glove :)

  7. I have to wear a uniform at work :( boohooo. That is such a nice dress and it looks perfect on you! Ohh how I love your style!

  8. I love this dress, the fact that it has sleeves and the print are so wonderful!! For work I often just wear my comfiest dresses, theres a few that I find too boring for "real life" that I'll wear to work because they are an appropriate length/fit etc

  9. This dress looks gorgeous on you! It fits you well, and the design is really cute. It doesn't overwhelm you, so that is really good. :) Love it!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. that dress is stunning on you! :)x


  11. I love anything with dots! so cute! www.casualglamorous.com

  12. This dress looks amazing on you!! I love the shape and the print as well.


  13. The stuff I wear to work (which is most of what end up on my blog) is a lot more formal than the stuff I would wear if I didn't have to go 'buisness casual'. I like the dress a lot though, the pattern reminds me of galaxies.

  14. Never be afraid to wear that dress! It's lovely. :) I enjoyed this and your last polka-dotted post! So chic...


  15. Julia, you look stunning in this dress.Even if it's not you favorite dress, yet it looks like it would be made just for you.

    xoxo Ra

  16. super comfy dresses are a must for work, and this is a fun print in a neutral, so it would be so easy to just throw on any cardigan or blazer.
    Chic on the Cheap

  17. This is a great dress! It's a very special kind of polka dot, not at all your typical garden variety!

  18. Oh my, this is my favorite outfit so far, you look so beautiful, glamorous and classy! It's really perfection to me! You should wear fitted dresses more often, this one looks incredible on you!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  19. I think the fit on this dress is awesome, really shows off your great figure :) And of course I love the dots!

    Have a great Wednesday :)

  20. Sometimes I wear things at work that I wouldn't be caught dead in around my friends. Haha! I don't know why I settle for things at work but I figure sometimes if it looks professional than sometimes that's good enough...even if I don't like it. You're dress however is super cute and I really like the slim fit of it on you. It shows over your body in a really lady like way! I'd say it's a keeper! :D

  21. I love this dress on you. It fits you so well.

  22. this dress is fantastic. love it! just found your blog.. really enjoying it so far!



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