Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Peplum Bandwagon





I've officially jumped back on the peplum bandwagon.

I have a couple of dresses that I brought a couple of years back but they're packed away in boxes so when this top was on special for $35 (down from $50) I couldn't help myself.

Here's a question for you : do you only post outfit photos that you deem to be "blog worthy" ?

If so how do you decide what's "blog worthy" and what's not??

Personally that never even enters my head, I take pictures of what I'm wearing. Sometimes I like what I wore, sometimes I don't but that's the beauty of blogging isn't it? Maybe that's just me?

Top : Glassons
Belt : Glassons
Skirt : Secondhand
Boots : Overland (about 4 yrs ago)
Necklace : Pagani
Bangles : Lovisa


  1. i like this top...plain and simple. i have yet to own something peplum, but i would get something like this.

    as long as my photos are pretty clear, i'll post them...even if it's a plain outfit.

    Anastasia of Beverly Hills-Giveaway

  2. I've only really been posting my weekend outfit photos lately cose it's dark by the time I get home after work. Sometimes I think an outfit looks great in the mirror but it looks not so great in photos so I won't post it :) The markets are going pretty good so far, I've got 3 booked for July! I'll do a post about them soon I think :)



  3. You look great in a peplum! Im quite liking them but they arent really winter weather appropriate lol I post everything unless I look at the photos and absolutely hate them all....which has happened just a few times! xx

  4. gorgeous top! and I love the skirt too!

  5. I love peplum tops - they're great for my figure! You look great :)

    Emma xx

  6. That black peplum top looks gorgeous on you! And love the necklace.

    The Other Side of Gray

  7. Your outfit is absolutely stunning on you! You look gorgeous I love the outfit.

  8. Wow..it is so gorgeous! love peplum trend - it gives an hourglass figure! Love this necklace you are wearing! Looking beautiful! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
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  9. I believe it's better to be who you really are, so I appreciate that you post what you are really wearing, and you look awesome!

  10. The top is gorgeous, it's great for your figure :)

  11. A very beautiful outfit - I love this necklace!!!

    xxx Anita

  12. What is it about peplum that is so addicting? I love your outfit. And I concur, you should post what you want. A blog is a way to express yourself so you shouldn't have to conform to what everyone else wants.

    C x

  13. Nice outfit, I like the top and necklace =)
    And nice blog you've here, I'm following you right now =)
    Hope you will have time to visit my blog too and follow back if you like it!

  14. You look GORGEOUS in this ensemble!!!


  15. I love this top on you! You look so great! On blog-worthiness, I'm with you- I show everything I'm wearing! I think of my blog as my personal style diary, and I almost feel journalistic about it, for example, if I'm wearing the same piece of jewelry or shoes I've worn ten times already, I'll still photograph it from that day because it somehow feels wrong to post an old photograph with a new outfit!

  16. You look gorgeous in a Peplum top! Cute bangles too. :)

  17. Amazing top! Also like the necklace! You look pretty! x Elma

  18. And one thing, oh seriously... you look like snow white! You're so beautiful!

  19. Great top! I just started following you! Check out my new blog and follow back if you would like :)


  20. oh u look so gorgeous, i love the top on you, i am the same i never know whether i should put an outfit together for a post, usually i dont i prefer to just show what ive worn, sometimes i add a little extra something, i just love your make up hereto my dear, have a great weekend, kisses from dublin xxx leonie

  21. I try to blog all my outfits not just the good ones. It's hard sometime to put yourself out there to the harsh internet critics, but I find sometimes I can get some advice if I think something is wonky about my outfit.
    You look gorgeous in this outfit, i love the bold jewelry.

  22. Julia this silhouette suits you perfectly... the peplum top is such an amazing fit!!! Looks great with the necklace :))

    I don't photograph every outfit from every day - I simply don't have the time to post that many! My outfit photos are mostly dictated by the weather/rain, or if I'm wearing workout clothes for the day (like today), I won't photograph that for a post! (I put them on in the morning if I'm not going out and just doing chores, then work out in the evening - saves dirtying two sets of clothes!) I'm sure no-one wants to see an outfit post of trainers and fitness clothes heehee ;))

    Catherine x

  23. I love peplum tops!! The ones at glassons are always so lovely right???
    Your outfit looks wonderful!!
    I tend to take photos of my outfit when its one I really like. In saying that though, yesterday I really liked my outfit but I didn't get time to photograph it :(. So it really depends!! Sometimes I don't like what I'm wearing or how it turned out but I still put it on my blog. It captures the moment!! So that you can't forget. I've an appalling memory so thats part of the reason why I blog, photograph, write and journal!!
    -Britney of Lemonwood and Honey

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  25. I would love to have every piece from this outfit!!


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