Monday, July 30, 2012

Berry Caramel




Today we spent the day at our new house, cleaning & putting up the curtains etc.

The thing I hate the most about moving is the cleaning! Especially when moving in, I expected it to be clean, it wasn't.

The previous owner left rubbish hidden behind the house, didn't bother to clean anything and even took the light bulbs; who takes the light bulbs?? Seriously?!

What do you dislike most about moving??

Dress : H&M (purchased in Paris last July)
Jacket : Dotti
Scarf : Made by me
Boots : Overland (4 years ago)


  1. Jerks! I can't believe they left the house a mess too - grr...I thought that kind of thing just happened when you rented! At least you look good in berry & caramel:)

  2. How frustrating! That would annoy me too, i hate cleaning up after other people!

  3. my sister just bought a house and it was so filthy, she knew the people she bought it from too and they said theyd cleaned it but it was still gross. not cool!

  4. Oh moving into an unclean house is the pits (literally), Julia...!! But at least you then know it's spotless after that :)

    Love these autumnal tones on you - and you made the scarf?? It's gorgeous!

    Catherine x

  5. They took the light bulbs what tight asses :(

  6. Cheap asses and filthy? Wow. I'm sorry you had to clean up after the piggies.

    I'm digging your boots and infinity scarf :)

    What Lola Wants

  7. Cute outfit- love the blazer and scarf! :)

  8. These colours are SO amazing together, I love the jacket. Your layering is so great here! I've never moved, which I know is crazy, I am not looking forward to the first move, I have waay too much stuff

  9. I love the way you match red and brown! Luckily, I haven't moved on my own yet, but I've helped so many friends and I'd have to say it's all pretty annoying to me.

  10. nice combination on the caramel and red! thats so rude of the previous owners! but on the brightside, plenty more opportunities for you to decorate and stuff!


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