Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hot Tropic

I work in the largest mall in my city and it would appear that Christmas shopping is a hot topic of conversation.
Do you expect to get spoilt? How much would you expect someone to spend on your Christmas present?
I was listening to the radio on the way to work this morning and the announcers were discussing what women expect, according to them the average New Zealand women expects their partner to spend $480 on their present - personally I think that is totally ridiculous!
We prefer to spend our money on investments such as holidays and home improvement rather than buying things we don't really want or need for the sake of it.
Am I alone in thinking that Christmas is becoming too commercial?
Dress  & Belt : Ezibuy
Heels : Ezibuy


  1. That amount is so ridiculous, i would much prefer to spend my money on holidays too. I like thoughtful gifts, they absolutely do not need to be expensive. I got spoiled last year and the year before because my parents felt bad for me with all my surgeries etc. But me getting spoiled meant lots of cozy sweaters, slippers, tea pots etc. just stuff to get me through winter :)
    This dress is SO gorgeous, I love the bright florals, so very wonderful.

  2. Love your dress, so colourful.
    I totally agree with you, I think it has gotten way out of hand and people have forgotten that is should be more about spending time with family and friends. Gifts from the heart that are well thought of mean so much more than just dropping a pile of $$$.


  3. That dress is one of my favorites. When I opened to your blog- I was like wow! I think that is a crazy amount to spend especially if you have kids, I usually try to (help) my husband with gift ideas- like send him a direct link(hehe). I like getting something I wouldn't buy myself like my Hunter boots or my Micheal Kors watch were some of my favorite past gifts.

  4. That amount is insane, who can afford to spend that much on one gift? I'd rather an experience or something with the bf than a really expensive gift....unless its an engagement ring haha xx

  5. Wow- $480 on a present? The most my husband has ever spend on me is my wedding/engagement ring. LOL
    I think giving something - doesn't have to be expensive- shows that you care and thought about it instead of buying a gift that was the most expensive thing off the shelf.

    Love the dress you are wearing btw! :)

  6. $480 is bloody ridiculous! Love the dress, lippy and shoes combo xx

  7. This dress looks stunning on you! I'm in love with the print of this...and in love with your blog! Definitely a new follower.

  8. oh my, your dress is beautiful. lopve it

  9. Wow $480?! Crazy!! I like to buy things I know my family will use :) This year my partner bought me an ice cream maker - $40 and I'm pretty happy about it! :)



  10. Wow, $480 is pretty steep. The older I get the less I expect for Christmas, and I'm always happy with a few little things that have sentiment or thought behind them :)

    Love your dress! You look beautiful.

  11. This dress has such a pretty print! $480...that is crazy. Though I do love buying gifts for my family, within reason, and I like being surprised by something thoughtful. My husband and I fill stockings for each other with a $20 limit, and then we'll just go shopping together after Christmas when everything is on sale for a couple things we've been wanting.

  12. First of all, I LOVE this outfit. The dress looks very flattering on you and those accents of orange are just perfect. Secondly, this year I bought the Christmas presents as early as I could, while they still were on sale (like, in October I already had all the presents, LOL). So I made some beautiful presents without spending very much.
    Life is a romantic poem

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